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Sharpies volley

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Although having a bit of the ball Grays contribution has been poor. Mcneil hardly involved. Referee has been an utter joke. Definate pen but how's he given Sterling a free kick for slipping. We could have been away there. Some of his other decisions are shambolic.

Verbal Kint

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Frustrating that..... Nearly a perfect defensive performance.

I'd expect much the same for the 2nd half but the counter attacking threat just won't be an option now, had our one big chance but Silva played Gray brilliantly. Going to need a set piece.


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…stupid boy spoiled a decent first half. He actually got away with one earlier pulling Sterling back in similar fashion.

Such a shame when a moment of indiscipline spoils a disciplined display.

We had a chance whilst we had something to hold onto but it’s going to be difficult now. Mina looking terrific with Tarkowski, such a shame for Godfrey who could’ve been in that channel & avoided the penalty.


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It's a shame because Doucoure was pretty good but those weak points will pop up and not being able to track run and position yourself is a big weak point.
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