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Formerly known as By God I'm Blue
May I be the first to say how deeply shocked I am that a team with zero strikers looked absolutely toothless and wouldn’t have scored if they had played for another week.

The club is a past time for rich garbage.

Don’t worry though, next week we have the dynamic pair Keane and Holgate ready to be reunited at the back after Mina surprisingly getting injured.


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This is spot on. I don’t feel interested in looking for positives here, I’m frustrated that we’re still so impotent going forward and we KNEW we would be.
Hey, we're "improving" apparently. Like you, I've no more patience for false dawns. Today was a preventable defeat. This board should be given zero assistance by fans "looking on the positives" when a properly functioning board would have helped the manager win that game today by providing him with a striker worthy of the name.
We were neither good nor bad just bog average

Players looked gassed after 60 mins especially gray and Gordon

I don’t see any goals in this side which is worrying

we can’t keep playing 5 at the back otherwise we will never score need to change to a 433 or 4231 when Onana and gueye come in

Also I’m fed up of Mina and Godfrey

Can’t wait for coady to sign so we have a permanent centre half pairing with actual ability


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Maybe we’ve been conditioned by how bad we were last season but losing is losing - and losing at home is worse. Yes the team performance was better than last season but that isn’t exactly saying a whole lot. Really hoping for a good season ahead but it’s the hope …

We ain't doing much with that forward line. The new midfielders will improve us but we need strikers and urgently

Tony’s Carp

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Our defense of corners has significantly improved
One of a good few positives I thought. Our defending was very good, before and after Godfrey's injury, which would've had an impact on them. We conceded a stupid pen, but from a free kick that was absolutely blatantly not one. Iwobi in midfield I thought was again very good and looks like he could put in a performance anywhere on the pitch, Tarkowski is a great signing.

We know the problems, and the midfield revamp will help. The need for a proper forward, ideally two was stark, but we knew that anyway.


Player Valuation: £90m
Not too disheartened by that to be fair. We've got at least 2 quality signings lined up that'll strengthen us and I'm confident we'll get a forward in.

The fact we've managed to defend about 400 corners properly is encouraging and in Tarkowski hopefully we have a proper leader. Patterson was solid if unspectacular and I'm sure he'll grow in confidence. Overall there's signs we're heading in the right direction.
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