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Player Valuation: £30m
We lost - and that's all that matters, to be honest. There are no moral victories in this game - especially as that loss was preventable with the purchase of a forward that we've known all summer that we needed and, whisper it, the signing of a few players with a few brain cells to rub together between them.


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Played 90 mins against a very good side, without a centre forward.
We were in the game.
Not a bad performance. Dominic Calvert-Lewin or Richarlson were a big miss today


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Not all doom and gloom. One stupid individual error has cost us yet again. In dire need of a striker, as if we didn’t know already, just as a focal point. The midfield will be overhauled which will mean less of Doucoure killing us, at least.


Player Valuation: £15m
Unlucky to lose the penalty, decent defensively, considering Chelsea are one of the top 3 we didn't do too badly


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Thought we were alright, they didn’t look threatening at all just needed a ref to give them everything.

Desperate to get someone to score goals though
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