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OK, so Carlo, is a great man and he may not have the team he wants, but, questions have to be asked of him right now. Many of the wins have been with us playing pretty bad football, and we don’t seem to dominate teams at all anymore,
For me massive question s about his substitutions


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Carlo is the manager and has to answer for this terrible home form.

He does, ultimately.

To get us where we are with the injuries and our crap recruitment - and it has been crap, by and large, for the last 5 years - shows what an improvement we've made.

But, you don't lose these matches. Not at the volume we have.

And, we should have a structure and system there that allows us to create chances regardless of who is on the pitch.

Nobody wants him out. But there's no way he doesn't take a large portion of the blame. Just like he takes a large portion of the credit for getting us up here in the first place.


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Those waiting for the next bad defeat, there it is........ Everton that.... The sum of all that we will ever be. Tried hard but never make it.......

Some things will never change. We are 5h1t
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