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Everton vs Blackburn Rovers - Sun 20th Sept

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The resurgent Blues take on Big Sam and the Ewoks of Ewood in what could be a pivotal moment in the season. AEK were dispatched with relative ease as the Blues finally started to show a real mixture of patient possession passing, constant driving runs of Baines and the occasional better quality long ball which Jo and Fellaini actually had a chance of winning.

Blackburn turned Wolves over 3-1 last time out, that result taking them to four points. Sam's tactics are hardly varied and this team relies heavily on the technical skills of Morten Gamst Pederson and the physicality of Roberts. Roberts is a player I have always liked. We have now moved beyond players of his quality hopefully but he makes things happen for his team and can't be underestimated. He will need close attention from a backline which will probably see Hibbo replace Gosling.

I can also see Heitinger coming in at defensive mid. the question is who makes way? Moyes said he prefers one or other out of Cahill and Fellaini so it looks likely to be one of those two. Controversially should we be thinking about Rodders getting a rest?

Whichever team Moyes goes with I'm still going for another confidence boost and a 2-0 win.



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Hopefully Billy starts after his efforts last night. I didn't watch the game so I would love to see him in action.


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I didn't get to see it either coz in Germany. Anyone know where you can find the full match online....Been looking all morning!


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My son will be there on sunday,on the top tier 4 rows back from the front.He is over for the next 4 weeks,He can,t wait

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Didn't see the match last night but from what I could infer from fellow posters and match reports, AEK didn't offer much resistance on a physical level (apart from a kick in the balls). Blackburn will be the antithesis, so we'll have to be up for it.

Want some rep for 'infer' and 'antithesis' in the same post


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Seamus Colemole

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Billy might miss out.

Pair Back For Rovers Clash – News Archive – News – evertonfc.com – The Official Website of Everton Football Club

"Moyes also admitted to 'one or two injury worries' ahead of Sunday's clash.

The boss barely had time to assess his squad before going in front of the media at Friday's press conference.

He didn't name names but one worry could be Diniyar Bilyaletdinov, who had to be substituted during Thursday's 4-0 win over AEK Athens."
Don't worry lads, when they come back from injury we will be great again.


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Billy's name isn't in the squad according to the list on the OS. Hopefully a misstake, he looked class last night.


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He has a slight groin strain but i am hopeful he will be fine. Besides, the OS are a little premature announcing the squad two days before the actual game.
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