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Everton vs AEK Athens - Thu 17th Sep

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Time to look forward people. The Greek side might look to be one of the biggest threats to our out of form Blues europa Goblet aspirations but there are causes to be optimistic.

Greek sides are notoriously poor on the road, Larissa anyone? They drew 0-0 with AEK at the end of last season. AEK themselves lost to Romanian side FC Vaslui 2-1 before overcoming them 3-0 at home. Domestically they have had two 1-0 wins against lesser league lights and sit third.

We will bemoan the Goblet and it's impact on the players at some point this season guaranteed but at the moment the opportunity to gain some confidence without more valuable league points at stake. Only with confidence will the hoofball be consigned to the locker for Yobo and friends. Nevilles injury will probably rule him out and that could be a blessing in disguise.

Whoever comes in will surely be more progressive in their passing. I'd love to see Billy come in and Osman move to the middle with Rodwell. If Saha shakes off his knock *checks for flying pigs* he surely starts but if not at least we are at home if Moyes goes with Jo. I hope Fellaini starts too with Cahill getting a rest despite his goal. I can see the big lad causing the Athenians all sorts of problems.

2-0 Fellaini, Osman COYB!!


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Ok billy needs a start, if this dosent happen then either he's injured or moyes is a nutter, pushing ossie in the middle with either rodders, fellaini or neville, cahill should supprt the stricker and have the rest as they were against fulham, and give the yak atleast 40 min. to bad johnny is cuptied


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Osman should be dropped (Off Beatham tower).

I'm not going to predict the score 'cos I never get it right, but i'm looking forward to going thursday, should be a good match.
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It's no good if we keep getting the result in the Europa League and keep failing to get 3 points from the league matches, well, unless we actually won the Europa League this year.

Still I expect us to do better in the league, looks like we going to see Gosling playing RB unless Moyes planning to surprise us with starting Coleman?

Who ever Moyes pick to play in the middle of the field is none of my concern as we needed Arteta playing there and he won't be back till end of October, but please put Billy and Pienaar on both wing, you don't spend 10M buy Billy and not play him.

If Billy need to play game together with new teamates, then a European match is much suited to his game, it different to the fast pace we are used to in the league.

What ever happen in the Fulham game is now in the past? I want us to get a winning start in the group stage, 2-0 win should do nicely!


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3-0 Everton. We will play really well to, will be a response after sunday.

Cahill will bag again, Ossie will score after being moved into his preferred position of centre mid and Yak will bag his first after returning from injury and everything will be rosy in the Everton garden again


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I won't be happy unless I see a proper performance from us to be honest. The Sigma performance was a bit masked because we scored some wonder goals and we have a couple of quality forwards on our hands.

The all round performance wasn't impressive at all, we still looked unbalanced, surrendered possession far too easy and let Sigma, a nothing team, have alot of the ball on our pitch.

I'd take a promising 1-0 win with a scrappy goal over a unbalanced, dour 3-0 with a couple of wonder goals. I want to see some improvement because at the moment we look like a Championship side. No composure, no bottle and a lot of long balls.

I expect Fellaini to come in with Cahill alongside Rodwell in the middle of the park, Bilyaletdinov and Pienaar outwide and Gosling coming in at right back. Hopefully Louis' Saha's back aswell.


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Experiment and change things up IMO.

Gosling Yobo Distin Baines
Billy Rodwell Cahill Pienaar
Not arsed about the score. Want a performance.​


generally quite awesome.
It does become a bit interesting with Pip laid up and Hibbert on suspension.

Maybe Rodwell drops back to CB and Yobo goes out right? What about young Coleman or Mustafi?
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