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If Crab and Saruman are both in the starting XI, I have to revise my previously posted prognostications (prolifically alliterative), regarding a narrow loss: if both play, we lose easily.
Watford will not be the same team that got thrashed by RS...belief is everything between two evenly matched teams...they will reckon they're better than us: and i think they'll be proved right.

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Some fantastic CL games last night, the CL shows the ESL model and no doubt it will happen in the near future by which time with our new stadium and the current manager slowly but surely getting to grips with the squad the injury problems the academy the finances me the spirit within the club we should be in the mix with European football.
Now taking my head out of the clouds on to the Watford game 😂 we must play like the home side closing down and attacking Mina back is a huge plus he puts fire into our lot Digne and seamus attacking hopefully richi with a couple of goals
This is a must win bcs games after this look tough
2-0 EFC


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Hoping he'll go with this, I think it's the best we can do.

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Gbamin Allan
Townsend Gordon
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