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I think my biggest takeaway is that when you build pretty much the entire attack around having a striker who can attack crosses at a high level you have to have some kind of plan B in the form of a backup or someone who can create a different way. We've got neither and it makes it hard to score. A few balls that went in today DCL turns threatening.
At least it wasn’t as futile as putting in long balls to Bernard


Omne Viae Moshiri ducunt; all roads lead to Moshir
Strange situation where both sets of fans are happy with a 0-0 draw.
Yes and No,
Deep down you know you got out of jail with the Penno.
tbh, most of us were not too confident of a positive out come, but feel pleased at our slight improvement overall, yet robbed of a much needed win.
You have to apply the "Salah / Ronaldo etc, Rule"
If its one of them instead of Richarlson = Penalty all day long.

Sheedy's right knee.

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It was important not to concede today. I thought Godfrey did well today. Keane lost possession in key areas a couple of times. Delph and Allan had a good understanding in midfield. You can tell our confidence isn't quite there but I was impressed with the effort and discipline of the lads today. Missing 3 big players in Mina, Doucoure and DCL. I thought we were a little unlucky not to win the game and the penalty VAR Call was a contentious decision.


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The reaction from the players were great. Clearly we wanted it more than Spurs. That was a good performance from the team, I see the team diving into tackles, interceptions, bailing each other out on their mistakes - this is the performance that we asked for.

We were robbed from the Ref's decision. Firstly, the penalty should've been given. Secondly - Richy got up immediately and got back the ball & he could've have a cross or a shot with the keeper left his goalpost. Ref blew the whistle for the penalty so he stopped. When the Ref overturned his own decision, he gave the goal kick to Hugo. That was embarrassing. Richy didn't dive...How are we being punished for that?


Player Valuation: £750k
Then after stopping play with us in possession he gives the ball to Lloris to restart play..
Sorry if it has already been mentioned, but that is the proper restart in the situation, i.e. drop ball in the box has to be to the defending team, but we were absolutely robbed...he could have held his whistle about 1 second and seen if we scored or not...perhaps that was his thinking on being quick with the whistle...couldnt let us have two chances at it.

Jeff Jones

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I don't know what the moods like here - I'm only up to page 27 - but I've only just watched the match and I was happy with it overall.

Everyone seemed to be really having a go, and we haven't seen that for a while.

Pity about the pen' decision. They're almost always given.


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Talking to my Spurs pal in Brighton and he said the fans were surprised at how dirty we've become. The School of Science has gone a bit rough!
I said you must have missed the Watford match.
"Come in Josh - welcome back. The goal's over there, help yourself etc"


Player Valuation: £70m
Look that’s a penalty right ? I e said it before & I’ll repeat myself I’m starting to think I simply don’t understand the rules of football . I’ve not seen a reply other than the brief one on the screen but I’ve seen clips online and nothing has altered my opinion , the ref saw what I saw and it’s a penalty I can’t get my head around it.

Overall a better performance and the three in the middle , which seemed obvious, worked but it’s not great that hard work against a poor spurs side is now something we get excited about . I said elsewhere we’re set up sir crosses, the entire attacking play looked to create them when we had no real attacking presence or height in the box. I thought Delph and Allan in the centre were excellent whilst Keane did well .

Bob Latchford

Player Valuation: £40m
Did not watch. Average result

I only watched for 65 then had to head out and listened to the rest on the radio. To be fair to the team, they matched Spurs and showed much more heart and determination than recent weeks. Delph has come in and made a huge difference. The defence was much better and we had good outlets upfront. The big problem was creating chances but we don’t have the squad depth to cope with the missing Mina, Doucoure and DCL and generally lack a bit of creative quality. In short, we obviously need some new players in.

When you look at that Spurs team plus recent acquisitions;

Christian Romero £42m
Pape Sarr £15m
Emerson Royal £22.5m
Bryan Gil £22.5m
Lo Celso £28m
Sergio Regulion £27m
Matt Doherty £15.1m
Hojbjerg £14m
Rodon £10.8
Ndombele £54m
Bergwjin £27m
Sessegnon £24.3

All of that for just over £300m

When we do actually have a few quid to spend it’s so important we get it right. As a club, we’ve usually done better when not shelling out massive fees for players. The next two transfer windows are very important. (Broken record)


Please don't call me "Mickey" lar
Thought we gave a good effort and the referee was absolutely awful

Standard of reffing in this league is laughable

You can have VAR, but if the idiots running it still can't get it right then what can you do?

If we can keep those performance levels then I'm not too worried about how we'll do once we have the full first team back and have hopefully made some signings in January


Player Valuation: £70m
I think my biggest takeaway is that when you build pretty much the entire attack around having a striker who can attack crosses at a high level you have to have some kind of plan B in the form of a backup or someone who can create a different way. We've got neither and it makes it hard to score. A few balls that went in today DCL turns threatening.

But it's been this way all season

But too many fans just bought into the 'it's all about attitude and desire' argument. Said it tons of times, attitude and desire doesn't make you a good team. It's part of it, absolutely, but you need quality to your play too.
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