Match Thread Everton v Sunderland - Sat 25 Feb, 15:00

Who comes out on top?

  • Koeman

    Votes: 235 77.6%
  • Moyes

    Votes: 11 3.6%
  • Shut up, lad.

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It’s that time of the season for the game we all secretly looked forward to this year, David Moyes Sunderland at Goodison, Love him or hate him we all enjoy getting one over on our former manager? We have a bit of a wait until we get a crack at pushing his team further to the relegation trap door but absence makes the heart grow fonder when it comes to Everton.

It is a little odd to be talking about the Sunderland team for this game; it is like looking into a mirror at the past. Firstly the outs for them. Anichebe won’t be coming back to haunt us and Rodwell a doubt for the game, but knowing Moyes he will want to rush Jack back just to get his band back together against the new and improved toffees. Pickford will probably be back in goal, Everton that, seeing as though he has been out since boxing day, other than that they won’t have snidey captain, new wonder kid in Watmore, and Kirchhoff, as well as McNair.

I think we are all hoping to see Moyes go all Everton against us, although Gibson and Oviedo will get a start, we can probably Expect Pienaar and Lescott to come off the bench, with Rodwell possibly joining the game. Defoe is in form for them, but he won’t have much joy playing against the Argentinian and Welshman at the back I can’t imagine. Would expect former Everton transfer rumours Januzai and Kone to get a game as well and hopefully show us why we never signed them.

Their last game was a 4-0 thrashing at the hands of the Liverpool B team and before that their only league win coincidentally 4-0 against Big Sam’s palace team. So expect them to either turn over or give us a right game, but Rom could probably beat Denayer and Kone by himself in all honesty.

Now for the mighty Blues!

Hopefully they come back from their little holiday a bit more refreshed and determined to prove how good they are. If they want to leave Kone out there before they come back, even better! Haha To be honest I’m hoping for the players to play with a bit of confidence and swagger, we can easily beat a freefalling Moyes team, so let’s all enjoy it at the same time.

In terms of who we don’t have, the list is very short really. Lukaku meant to be fine for the game, hopefully see him bag another hat trick and push himself up to 20 goals in the season for us. The others are not surprising but Pleasingly Besic is back! Well not quite back but he is getting there.

Hopefully we will get a run out for Lookman again, the lad has looked brilliant considering the step up so give him Oviedo to run at all game and see how he gets on. Davies likely to start alongside Schneiderin and Gueye, although could see McCarthy coming into that middle 3. The rest of the team most probably unchanged from last time out.

So will history repeat itself or will Moyes keep his slim job hopes alive for another week? Will the Boss Everton turn up or will some of the old guard feel sorry for their former gaffer and take it easy on him?


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Every poor side has a last glory day ....they had that at Palace.

All downhill for them now....big win for the Boys in Blue

Ridiculously bad side, 5 -0 Lukaku & Lookman runnig riot.

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