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Bob Latchford

Player Valuation: £35m
I have nothing against Andros Townsend but it kind of blows me away we’d play him over James. Townsend might work harder than James or cover more of the pitch, but James will get a goal or assist once every other game.

There’s no one creating goals in this team, we’re going to struggle for goals this season.

Agree he should start but James is isolating


Player Valuation: £70m
I think this undersells the issues.

It's down to quality and movement and tactics.

We don't get players up the pitch in stages. We play hit and rush footy where the players are, to coin a phrase from a famously baffled rugby league coach, 'spread out in a bunch'

The passes then have to be spot on, because they're all long range. There's no interplay or building of moves because we have nobody getting the ball off the defence (which is why Davies should play) and nobody carrying it, which is what gets you up the pitch if you aren't able to keep the possession.

The mistake is on Keane, but it comes from a massive lack of movement ahead of him and he hesistates.

It's the same as ever, and it's not just about basics and working hard.
Saints haven't done anything to trouble us. We handed them a goal. But this gameplan is playing for 1-0. You can't go behind playing like this.

The first thing to do in solving this is play three in midfield. Rafael doesn't do that it doesn't look like. No combination of 4-2-3-1/4-4-2 is going to work with the midfielders we have.
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