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stretford blue

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That was easily one of the best experiences I've had watching the blues for years.

I'm certain it is in part down to being back after 18 months but the passion, directness, etc in second half was everything that we as a club represent.
Our identity is playing front foot football the crowd respond to it the 2nd half was so much how we should be playing , obviously tougher times to come and some of the players are not suited to that style, but when the team and crowd are as one our home form will be so much stronger


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Watched MOTD, okay only a few minutes but the only mess up was Keane. Just not good enough even when swopped around. Rather Mina, Godfrey or Branthwaite before him.

Tell champoinship clubs open to offers, that is his level.


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Getting crosses in to the box is all well and good, but what impressed me was how many players we had in the box when the crosses came in. Douc arriving late from midfield was a sight for sore eyes, as was having two forwards in the box.


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Important win, as that is one of the 5 easiest fixtures of the season. If we'd lost things could have gone toxic early. Historically we seem to be disproportionately affected by our first result, so hopefully this can build some confidence, and Leeds having shipped 5 goals yesterday may have lost some of theirs.
I've said elsewhere that this season will probably see us experiencing some highs mixed with probably more lows as we try to stabilise the team.
The message being enjoy the highs exactly as we're doing now, but don't be too downhearted when things haven't gone our way.


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Concerning how flat we started the game.

No tempo, evasive in possession... flat all around.

Needed a half time rocket to get them going. Concerning, given first game of the season, in front of a full crowd for ages, with a new manager.

That half time kick up the arse, and our quality over Southampton got us the result but we've got to start much quicker against Leeds.

I thought we started well.
Dominic Calvert-Lewin missed a couple and was inches away from a Richy cross

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