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We weren't that intense. The issue has nothing to do with energy. We're not playing directly. We don't have the players for slow buildup. We can't move it side to side fast enough. We've had more chances to get the ball and go at them quickly but we're turning them down far too often.

it's not really about build up. All games go through periods where nothing happens. Its in those periods that teams can just have the ball, keep the ball and control the tempo. Get the energy back up and go again.
Nice to be ahead but i am glad we are playing Norwich because we have been worryingly half assed and quite poor at times again that half. A lot of other teams would have punished us just like Villa did. Benitez has got one hell of a job on his hands getting this lot through to January and maintaining an acceptable position in the league. Hopefully that will be alleviated a bit when we get DCL and Richy back. I haven't mentioned Gbamin because i don't actually think he exists.


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I think the penalty was soft based on that Allan wouldn't have got to it If he wasn't fouled. But if we can get the 3 points today that's all that's important and then get some players back from injury

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