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Genuinely not much point in ranting. We all know what our issues are, this game just spectacularly illuminated them and demonstrated in classic Everton style, when we had a chance to put ourselves in the mix, we've settled for doing not much again this season. [Poor language removed] pathetic.


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Mate, you need to get a grip and see through your blue tinted glasses.
We are woeful, it's a strange season in the Prem and there are a couple of teams worse than us.
Have a good look at this lot, do you really think they are bothered?
I dont need a lecture off you to tell me how were playing. You missed my annoyed reference to your cancer analogy then. "Blue tinted glasses...have a good look." Dont tell me to get a grip... Ive seen far worse than this over 50 years. Im just not a drama queen.


Player Valuation: £35m
Be even worse next week when we ship Gordon out on loan. Looks like zero thought has gone into our alternatives this transfer window just sell sell sell.
Kean should have been forced to stay, tbh I’m started to get disappointed Bolasie has gone, he would offer more. Play besic instead of sig while Allan is out. Try anything thing atm because Carlos atm is devoid of ideas.


I was Sapie88
Yes, I do think it will get better.

1.) We still have one of the best away records in the whole of the league, 6 wins out of 9 with only 2 defeats.
2.) Our next game is against Leeds away.
3.) Allan is back against Manchester United. Who will make a huge difference to this midfield.


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Don’t think without pace and energy you can get beyond mid table in this league
The only good thing is that it doesn’t paper over the cracks
Beginning to think that this set up is no good for James. The players around him are just not good enough and we can’t carry a luxury player. Even though I think he’s class
Luxury? Only one trying to take responsibility and make anything happen

players should be ashamed, especially Sigurdsson. Vice captain and he is gutless

i know that bench is down to bare bones but it was clear the likes of sig, doucoure, coleman etc were dusted. His stubbornness over Gordon is infuriating


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When did we really put a team under pressure at Goodison?

In fact, when did we last do it anywhere?

Must be going back to the first four games of the season.


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Honestly....we don’t half set ourselves up for disappointment.

Too many thought Newcastle would be a walk over, are you kidding me no game in the prem is easy... no game!!

That bench was a disgrace and had nothing to change the game. Fair play to Newcastle for turning up and having a go, because we certainly didn’t.

The ref helped them a lot but we are such whipping boys for any team low on confidence.

Carlo got the selection wrong unfortunately because he underestimated Newcastle and didn’t adjust his game plan once he realised how they were setup.

Thanks Everton for spoiling a promising weekend...cheers you big dummies!!


Player Valuation: £70m
I'm amazed we are where we are. Even when we were unbeaten at the start of the season, we weren't amazing. Basically the James and Allan effect got us through those games together with some favorable VAR and oppo red cards helping.

Points are papering over the cracks. We've got to be the laziest, slowest premier league team, with zero width, zero idea and zero movement. Heavily reliant on set piece goals and DCL's improvement.

Watching Sigurdsson, Gomes and Davies continually caught on the ball in midfield, with the combined pace of a dead slug actually makes my eyes burn. James can provide brilliance, but him and 2 slug midfielders is just a car crash.

As someone else said, we have 1 plan with too many limited players. Teams can stop this fairly easily.
No issue with the vast majority of what you've said here, but do you want to expand on the bit I've emphasised?
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