Everton v Luton Town - Waffle, Match Report and MotM Poll

Everton Man of the Match

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Could be worse could be a depressed RS fan tonight, knowing you're about to be condemned to mediocrity again. We're used to it.
to be fair their version of mediocrity is finishing 5th and making decent Europa runs, would kill for that at the moment

Would rather watch us be competitive at a lower level than this dross.

Fed up following this club. There's no point to Everton. We don't even try to play football anymore. The game is supposed to be enjoyable and Dyche football is dreadful and boring.

Just no quality in this team at all mcneil harrison shocking, beto all over the place. Dont care being out of the cup is all about the league for me all today showed we need players in the manager should be demanding some in

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