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There is absolutely nothing enjoyable about being an Everton fan at the moment. Squad is awful, manager is unlikable, out of both cups, can't defend, can't score, can't spend money, points deduction, third relegation battle in 3 years.
Honestly questiong why I bother giving any of my attention to it at all.

Because we had no midfield? Im pretty sure some folk had been begging to put Beto and DCL up front. Well there you have it. Still gash unfortunately. Not arsed, we tried to win it last 10 mins and got caught out my a scrappy goal which was unlucky IMHO and pleased to have less games now. We have a tiny squad and can barely keep players fit for PL games.
Harrison has played the doucoure role in the centre before and we played well and won. Young has looked best this season when he played RW.

Could have done that today.

Just can't see how we're ever improving tbh. This new stadium with these players. Unable to buy anyone. Going down. Just glad I lived through the 80s but somehow even having that success makes it worse
Makes it much worse. You can’t forget that we were such a brilliant team back then. Last 30 years barring the FA Cup win have been nothing short of calamitous. Best we can say is that under Moyes we were quite good for a few years. So sorry for any that have known nothing but this their whole lives as Evertonians.

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