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Everton MOTM vs Liverpool

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Pretty funny that as soon as you could see the little space between Gray and Coleman you knew the ball would shortly end up in our net. Also doesn't help when Townsend can't beat the first man on the corner.


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Meh.. outplayed by a far better team …. Although

1st goal was a great finish

2nd and 3rd goals … no other team in the league is conceding them …. One was defensive naivety and the other was
an inexplicable mistske

4th goal was a great finish too .. maybe Allan could do more ? Maybe Pickford could do better
Allan shouldn't have to track their center forward in that area. Godfrey has to understand where the danger area is and hold his position.

Chris O'Connor

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It's as if our previous managers never ever suffered crippling injury lists, they all coped far better than Benitéz - injuries are part of life here, it's every season. None of the previous managers with the exception of Unsworth had us in such danger of sinking to oblivion.

I hate the football, I hate losing every week and I hate Benitez.

He's an icon to Liverpool fans now, he'll be a God to them when he takes us into the championship.

I'm not waiting until relegation hits is to say he was a poor appointment, it's crystal clear now.


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Oh crap, I turned it off after 2 minutes when they'd had 2 clear chances, it was obvious from that early how it was going to go and i cba with it. Where do we go from here then apart from down.

WA Toffee

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Absolutely pathetic.

Humiliated at home to Liverpool. Fans fighting among themselves presumably because they can't fight the people in charge who are responsible for this embarrassment.

The club is going one way with this board and that's down.

I don't think I can justify spending money on the club while moshiri is here taking it down.

Don't think I'll be going again until he's gone.
Just out of interest, why is your anger directed to the person that has spent almost half a billion pounds?

Hillside Blue

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Through all the nadirs of the last 25 years, the one thing that has been elite about this club throughout has been the attendance levels. I'm fearful around how much longer that can be sustained, as following is just isn't fun and hasn't been for an age. That has to start telling eventually.

The reduction of young blues around the city in recent years has been talked about repeatedly on these forums but is now starting to feel like it's shifting from the realms of anecdote to something more tangible. Honestly, who can blame them, but it certainly doesn't bode well for filling Bramley Moore in fifteen years time unless on pitch performances turn pretty rapidly.
My 11 year old sat and endured the whole debacle and was in tears at the end. I keep telling him to stick with it and one day we’ll come good again. That line is wearing a bit thin now and I’m not sure I even believe it myself anymore.

One of his mates (mum a blue, dad a typical red) used to support us but defected to them a couple of years ago, so what you’ve said here is definitely a thing. Following Everton certainly isn’t fun and hasn’t been for a few years now so, other than blind family loyalties, where are the next generation of blues going to come from?


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I don’t generally leave games early and in over 50years I can count the times I have on one hand, I even stayed to the bitter end of the Keeley derby. But I did tonight for the second this time season ,the other being after Watford’s 5th.
I managed to stay until our dismal free kick before I left and as walked through a pall of red smoke and out onto Bullens Road, I lit up a cigarette and felt relief to be out of that dull misery.
Football is meant to be an entertainment a diversion from everyday woes and while it’s competitive nature means there will be bad days they only add to the joy of the victories.
But this season there have already been too many bad days and I am beginning to care less about Everton F.C. than I ever thought I could.
Don't give up. When you have been to the depths of where my team Leeds has been you should count yourself fortunate. We are playing badly this season loads of injuries . The top 3 are so far ahead with their financial muscle until reforms on the spread of the cash we are all playing catch up. The champions league needs to be reduced to exactly that champions and like the old days a straight knockout. 46 th year watching Leeds half of that in Div 2 but still worth going. Even Yeovil and Cheltenham away has its merits.


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Classy as ever from the vermin. Ruining the applause for that poor kid that was killed all because they couldn't wait for literally 60 seconds to go back to being knobheads.

I hadn’t actually heard the news about the young girl until last night. None football related I know, but I found it absolutely shocking when I heard the story.
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