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Everton MOTM vs Liverpool

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The point is that both Coleman (an excellent servant in his time, though) and Kenny are less use than a human-shaped piece of empty space. No point in endless and vindictive debate about whether you'd rather be killed and eaten by a crocodile or a lion. Let's save our venom for the board, and whoever let Coleman go on three seasons beyond his expiry date, with no remotely credible back up, eh?
On the upside Rondon may be out for a long time.


Player Valuation: £35m
The rs are at a totally different level to us.
At least there was a good atmosphere and I mean loud and angry by that. We had a go but we are just a poor team with no bench.
I never voted motm against Brentford and can’t bring myself to vote again tonight, It’s gonna be a tough month ahead thank god Watford got beat and Southampton only drew
I’m afraid we will drop even lower in the league and realistically can’t see where our next 3 points will come from maybe the odd draw against Newcastle
Still always a blue it’s the young supporters I feel sorry for the stick they must get
What young supporters?


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You know I thought losing to this lot would hurt.. Well Yes, it does hurt but it was so inevitable I had come to accept and expect it. It's a defence mechanism.

I fully expected this to be embarrassing and it wasn't quite that.. there was some defiance.

Perhaps being competitive and almost equalising was as good as it got.

And it's almost funny to hear the Kopites moaning about our fans and our "diving players" BTL in The Guardian instead of celebrating their win. They always try to find a silver lining in the "rubbing it in your face" stakes which I think comes from the very nature of following a team that provides a modicum of reflected glory into their crappy lives.


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What young supporters?

Through all the nadirs of the last 25 years, the one thing that has been elite about this club throughout has been the attendance levels. I'm fearful around how much longer that can be sustained, as following is just isn't fun and hasn't been for an age. That has to start telling eventually.

The reduction of young blues around the city in recent years has been talked about repeatedly on these forums but is now starting to feel like it's shifting from the realms of anecdote to something more tangible. Honestly, who can blame them, but it certainly doesn't bode well for filling Bramley Moore in fifteen years time unless on pitch performances turn pretty rapidly.

Tommy F

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At least there was a bit of spirit after going down 2-0, unlike some of those in the ground who gave up. We were second best and it is difficult to believe that is all we have left after spending £500m.

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