Match Thread Everton v Liverpool, Wednesday 1st December 20:15

Everton MOTM vs Liverpool

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Player Valuation: £70m
Disgraceful 2 second half goals to give away. Coleman we know is finished yet still no replacement. Allan so slow and got turned then Pickford with the goal covered decides to start going down to his left. Upright and that was a comfy save.

Digne and Coleman will be my new boo boys. Digne is just not a good defender and plays at half pace. Godfrey is all bluster with no skill, Keane is just so easy to play against.
I have to admit though that I was expecting a hammering and even when it came I felt no pain..........just total disinterest.
Hopefully open the paper tomorrow and Kenwright and Brands will be gone


Player Valuation: £15m
Not even angry. That's what Mosh, Kenwright and Brands have done. Rafael has to go as fan base is too divided.
im not divided just real the real low of being impartial

whatever happens, im logical enough to know rafas time with us has been littered with bad luck and difficulties

but the club needs a bounce
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