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Your Everton MOTM vs Crystal Palace

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knowing your history

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Feels like a draw this, 1-1.

Palace are solid defensively and as we saw in the cup Olise, Eze and Zaha v backline isn't going to be a pretty watch.

I suppose one difference with grinding out a draw is it changes the dynamics of what Burnley have to do. Instead of two draws they'd need to beat one of Villa/Newcastle.

Leeds simply have to win on final day so their scenario is unchanged.

Thank christ for those 6 points v Chelsea and Leicester.


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Really can't see us winning this.

They dominated us in both games this season. Only saving grace is they were both away but I'm now thinking we need other results to go our way.

Generally, our lads bottle it when there's any expectation on them.

I'm now thinking we need other results to go our way because I can't see us winning either of our next two.

But then - I was confident of a win at Watford/today so what do I know?


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This calls for a display of maturity and discipline. The polar opposite of today would be perfect.


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We need to produce something special. If I’m honest I don’t thin we have it in us. Think we scrape a point which is really neither here nor there for us unfortunately.


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Really need Keane back. Doubt Dominic Calvert-Lewin can go again Thursday.. Allan will probably come in for Gomes.

I fear we might need help from Brentford or Newcastle to be honest.
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