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If Liverpool beat Chelsea to the title by 1-3 points I think many might look back to tonight with a different attitude.

As said: played utter trash for the last 5 weeks or so and we'll revert back to it no doubt next week. Damage done though.

Anyway, everyone knows how I feel about that lot and I dont like seeing Everton teams do them favours, not when there's no chance of a CL spot.

Last word from me on this.

Now watch these cowardly players go back into their box from next week.
Are you intentionally funny?

Wat Tyler

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Three points taken off Liverpool's main title rival. They;re celebrating tonight, make no mistake about that.

Watch us lose against Leicester and the rest of the trash.

Dave, the title is theirs. Accept it now, seriously.

Balls to them, we are heading in the right direction, it’s all about them Tricky Toffees from Walton.


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Could have given it to loads tonight and thats always a good sign. Siggy, Holgate, Keane were considered, but I've gone with Allan as that was a proper terrier performance. Took some big knocks and a hand stamp but that magnificent ball of muscle just swore a bit and carried on.
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