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He's right though. Then we get a little excited, then they revert right back to type.

Good game tonight though. Some precious points before Jan then hopefully we can commence the cull and a couple of talent in.
Yeah but just enjoy the good times for Christ sake. There are some people honestly that even when we win are still like a rainy Monday morning!


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We looked solid and composed tonight, a clean sheet win was the best possible outcome.

Feeling good tonight, life on all fronts has been bad for a few weeks. Sleep easier a little tonight anyway.



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Great win that's more like Everton at home, solid and compact would have liked us to keep the ball better. But we were compact hard working and got that clean sheet finally!! Back four all brilliant. Great stuff the crowd definitely helped we scrapped in midfield and hit on the break. Even a word for Gylfi who actually joined the midfield and attack at times and pressurised their pivot.
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