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Match Thread Everton v Chelsea - Preview, Match Report and MotM Poll

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The difference in this win is all in the mind and that is exactly where we needed it .Much more than three points ,it is the crowd behind them ,confidence of course but more than that belief in the game plan .We can't forget that this is not the way we have been playing and so many on here have said the same ,play to our strengths .I must say the last few weeks I didn't think we had any but today Big Dunc made them show that we have .COYB


Welcome back Wayne
When I first saw the team sheet I thought here we go again same old same old rubbish team but as soon as it started it was still the same players but a total different team, they fought for every ball never gave Chelsea a minutes peace and kept going right through the game. Keep that up for the rest of the season and we will soon climb up the league.
And that was the difference. I was at the Leicester game and we lost every 50/50 ball, today both the talent and passion were on show. Christ, we even looked like we could defend corners......


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Well I really enjoyed that

That was the best DCL has played for us. By far too I'd suggest. Easily best player on the park.

We're far from a great team, but we needed that result. And that's how we should always start games at Goodison.
It was good that the ref let 'a proper game of football' get played.


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Raw emotion today with virtually every player pulling their weight, something i didn't think possible with this squad. The only plan on the park was 4 4 2 and go and play as we know you can, they did and at times got rings run around us but we've all got so used to that. What we did have, in bucket loads, was passion and commitment both of which brought belief that we could win this and we did.
Let's not get carried away, lots of teams have a knee-jerk reaction when a new face becomes boss but today was a gale of fresh air after the gloom and doom. It looks possible that we may have picked up more injuries today which can make it even harder to go forward hence the determination shown today must be remembered and taken into future games. Duncan's simple plan today worked but with more injuries likely a better plan will be needed especially away from Goodison.
The sight of Duncan swinging ball boys in the air will live with me for a long time, well done mate, hope you don't get carried away in all the euphoria, I'm sure you won't. Hope you spotted the gaffers thumbs up to you from the stands, it was reminiscent of Caesar sparing a gladiator's life but his action was more important than that, to me it signified his EFC scheme was getting back on track. Well done Dunc:celebrate::drunk:


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Pains me to say it but had to give it to Daft Dom today he done everything we need out of a centre forward ( about time like)

Thought Sidibe was superb too , snuffed out Pulisic and was fantastic going forward...great cross again for Richy's goal.
why should it?

we get on his case for doing everything but putting the call in the net....now he’s doing that... has 7 goals in all comps as a part timer...people crapped on the idea that he could get ~ 12 goals this year and he’s on track... he’s not Harry Kaneand never will be and we need a better striker but he’s done a job, we’d be in 20th and out of the cup without those goals
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