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There was a clear intention to cause Richarlison damage either physical or mentally last night. He gets little protection from refs, some of which is his own fault for his gravitational propensity. Tarkowski definitely should have been off for that malicious "tackle". But we know that ref of old .....

Rondon will be okay against teams we can carry him and leave him in the box for set plays, no way on earth he gets in ahead of DCL or Richarlison.

Simms should be ahead of him too, when he is back fit


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Interesting Neville talked about the tackle in the wider context of the game in general. Carragher only talked about how it affects LFC. No great surprise there, as it's always got to be about them.

Maybe Richarlison isn't getting the protection other players get, maybe down to the diving he does and this goes against him. But it's not just Richarlison, I noticed serial diver Mane isn't getting the fouls he would have gotten previously. But a tackle like the one against Richarlison, on an LFC player, would lead to outrage from Klopp and the LFC dominated media and they'd get on their high horse and mention it all week. As happened after their game against Burnley when MNF was dominated by the issue - but us, it's a 3 minute wonder.


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Rob Hawthorn and "anyone but Everton" Hinchcliffe. The latter was scathing of anything Everton did, said Burnley should have had a penalty, yet in the same incident completely overlooked the Burnley players assaulting Pickford.

We really do not feature in Sky's plans at all and what we ever did to Hinchcliffe to make him such an anti-Blue I'd really like to know. Used to really rate him when he played for us, can't stand the bugger now.
Yeah I thought they were a bit off about Everton, trying to work out why.


Player Valuation: £70m
I didn’t see the first half but from what I was reading on here it was appalling.

I got to tune in just before the Burnley goal and thought “here we go again”.

But what followed was the most enjoyable and exciting half hour of watching EFC that I have witnessed in a very long time.

And full marks to Raffles for carrying on with the substitution he was about to make just as we equalised.

Most managers would have given it another ten minutes after that.

But the subbing got us on the front foot and we blew them away.


P.S. I really hope Burnley and their motley crew of grocks get relegated.


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Utterly hopeless first half where we could have easily been three down if it weren't for their crappy strikers. I thought Doucouré and Keane were terrible and Townsend not in the game at all.

Obviously no idea what was said at half time but we looked a completely different side in the second half, moving the ball around quicker and attacking in greater numbers.

I think we all saw the players' minds collectively click that it was working which is why we looked like we'd score every time we went forward. Really enjoyed Keane scoring after his torrid start to the season, and Townsend scored goal of the month and contender for goal of the season. Gray was impressive with his composure again, astute signing reminiscent of when we got Pienaar.

So while Burnley should have had the game out of sight in the first half, we could easily have scored five in the second.

Overall deserved winners, but it could have gone badly wrong and we need to start games like we did the second half last night and not asleep like in the first half.

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