Match Thread Everton v Brentford - Up for the Cup Preview, Match Report & MotM Poll

Your Everton MOTM vs Brenford

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Player Valuation: £35m
Under agent benitez I had this game as a demoralizing loss....
What a difference a new manager makes...
The lads look revitalised.
The crowd is full behind lampard as let's be honest it would be for anyone that wasn't benitez...
The result is all the more positive as it was done without any of the new signings so highlights the fact the existing squad is miles better than benitez allowed it to be
Careful the Benitez In brigade will be after you for suggesting such a thing! I personally didnt think the squad is as bad as where we are in the table, you cant go from where Carlo had us to where Benny had us with the same players if the manager was competent....
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