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Maybe the shirt pull wasn’t enough to give a pen before the ball was cleared upfield, but no matter what, Branthwaite shouldn’t have been caught in that position, back off, even if Brentford scored we would at least have 11 on the pitch and restarted the match at 1-1.

Ffs, genuinely gutted.
Wasn’t enough? It was practically coming off Richy

Ghost Rider

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What makes this worse is that the fans can't do any more than they are.

If we did still go down, it's a massive insult to the fan base from the board that even when they tried everything they can, the squad can't get over the line.

It's a indictment of how bad we really are when our little run ends.


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This. The pen shout before the sending off is debatable. The sending off for them maybe. Not an outrageous decision not to book him. This is on poor management and useless players. Our centre mids were terrible. And Dominic Calvert-Lewin useless again.

Thought the first pen shout was debatable sure.

The second is a blatent second yellow though. The more I see it the more obvious it comes.


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Thursday depends on if palace are up for it, do they hate us? Brentford imo wasn’t up for it today until the red card then they probably thought this will be easy we might as well have a go.


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If that play that resulted in a red card, didn’t end up with a red card, that penalty for the shirt pull on richy was given!
Changed the whole game! Can’t fault the team when something like that happens.

…and if I was born in Glasgow I’d be a Scotch Egg.

Need to not feel sorry for ourselves, focus on Thursday. Last chance saloon.


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was the shirt pull viewed by VAR? because if it wasn’t why not, the foul on To Yep wouldn’t have mattered then.
Hard to say mate, if it was then it certainly wasn’t viewed for very long - the worst one is the Sorensen second yellow, would have changed the whole complexion of the game


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It was said ages ago the games we were looking at was Watford, Brentford and Palace, so far we have one point from them. Im still fuming Frank bottled it at Watford.

Rugby Toffee

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Not pointing fingers , but I feel at HT, Kenny should have come on , cos relying on Gordon and Iwobi to defend our rightside ws never going to work. Gordon was at fault with the goal with a lack of defensive awareness. But sigh that is only my opinion.
Suspensions and injuries are gonna hit us hard now
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