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Your Everton MOTM vs Brentford

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Enormous match. As others have said it is perhaps the biggest match in our club’s illustrious history.

Because of the difficult season we’ve have our players are emotionally fragile and so they seem to struggle to perform when they’ve not got 39,000 blues behind them.

If the crowd is up for it we will win and we will stay up.

As Frank said the other day: when the crowd and the players are as one we can achieve anything, even a victory over the European champions.


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Leeds play before us so we may only need a point to guarantee safety - if they get beat by Brighton


Player Valuation: £20m
I'll be very surprised if he changes the system.he doesn't trust us to have a back 4 and neither do I. Delph being fit would be a massive boost and if we could get Dominic Calvert-Lewin anywhere near his best he'd make a difference. 90 minutes of agonising stress coming up


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Got to admire what Brentford have done this season. For a club of their size what theyve done is near miraculous. But they’re safe.

3 points for us.
It's not miraculous because they are well run, that's all. And they took a calculated gamble on Eriksen to get them out of any trouble. They have a good coach who is adaptable with his tactics.

They may well struggle next season but they have been well run, and have used numbers and data to underline their signings, for years now, which is why they got promoted in the first place.


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Tomorrow marks the 37th anniversary of our ECWC triumph against Rapid Vienna.
I wonder if the club have anything planned to mark the occasion and help the atmosphere even more.
Perhaps a selection of players from the 85 team parading around Goodison with the replica cup 5 minutes before the end of half time,with the highlights of the game on the big screens,would get the crowd going crazy just before the teams emerge for the second half.
Then again, I would be in tears as well.

Here we go,here we go,here we go…Everton is the best we all know…

Another song for the Goodison set list tomorrow.


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I'd start similar to Watford but with Dominic Calvert-Lewin up top and richy on the left. Gordon can take a breather for a bit . We have had a busy schedule.
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