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MOTM vs Aston Villa

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Saint Domingo

Player Valuation: £80m
So frustrating watch Townsend leave the back post at that corner. You get taught not to do that at u11s football for Christ's sake.

Gomes let’s his man go in the front post. These players can’t concentrate. Error after error game after game. Brain dead the lot of them.

Jamo Martinez

Player Valuation: £70m
Why did Townshend move away from the post towards Pickford as the header came in?

If he'd stayed where he was he might have stopped that goal. As it was with Pickford getting the slightest touch it was too high for him. Freak goal at the end of the day.


Player Valuation: £100k
He's benched Gordon and Allan. We all agree that a 3 man midfield is the way to go, Dunc goes with a 2 man midfield. We know Villa are an attacking side, Dunc starts Holgate in a 2 man defence.
Benitez always played a 3 man midfield and never tried Holgate in defence o_O


Player Valuation: £8m
Even the smallest of expectation can be crushed by Everton.

Not watching it but still. What has Digne done by the way? Why the fume?

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