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MOTM vs Aston Villa

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Player Valuation: £40m
Dunc gets the passion out of the team which is a positive but he still has the same players that have failed miserably under more tactical minded managers yet it still seems like Dunc is now being held responsible for todays game........don't make sense.

DCL is obviously still as rusty as hell so maybe another striker and another midfielder with Townsend and DCL being replaced


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JJK is particularly frustrating. Every time he gets the ball he slows down or turns around. Even Godfrey gets forward more then him and he’s not a natural FB. Throwing Townsend in front of him makes zero sense I’m afraid. Need Gordon on badly.


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Two minutes injury time, Pickford tips it over the bar with 2 minutes 9 seconds gone and they get to take the corner, boils my piss that.

Matty Cash should be on a least a yellow.

Need to do more upfront, still a team lacking a lot of confidence.


Player Valuation: £40m
Can’t understand why we are so anti Digne, he would still be in blue if the idiots who run the club had not sacrificed him to let Benitez appear strong. He is just trying his best for his new employers, I wish he was still playing for us.
At least the players are trying for Big Dunc, unfortunately while he can put some fire in them he cannot do anything about the lack of quality.
I am still hopeful we can get something here.
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