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MOTM vs Aston Villa

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I don’t care which 11 players start, I believe they will be the best 11 to beat Aston Villa in the eyes of Duncan Ferguson and that is good enough for me. If Dunc can’t get a tune out of this lot then I’m afraid no one can. I have read some of the things Dominic Calvert-Lewin has said and hopefully there is some truth in it and it is not the usual BS we get fed from players following the latest defeat.
I will be clued to this game to see an improvement in our attitude right across the team. We may not win but my goodness we had better put in a shift.
Facing Digne really concerns me.


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Big man needs media training and a lot more self confidence.
Struggled to answer most of them questions tbh.
If he doesnt believe he's ready for a shot at managing us now then he needs to go elsewhere after this interim roles up, or maybe he's happy being an assistant his whole life.

The Trinity.

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FSW proved that.
Spot on.
Coleman at lb. What was that all about. Five at the back and we leak goals like a sieve. Think I also remember us playing five at the back against Bristol City a few years back. Think it's the first time that I remember us playing that system. We conceded 3 goals. We won 5-3. But still concede far too many. Then I think we played that system against Chelsea. We got thumped 6-3. I'm sure we might have won the odd match playing 3-5-2. But not that many. We just don't have the players to play that way.
Now if Ferguson changes and mix s things up a bit. Who knows?
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