Match Thread Everton v Arsenal - Monday December 6th. 8pm

Everton MOTM vs Arsenal

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Player Valuation: £70m
I hope not, these Fan You Tube Channels don’t help, especially some of ours, they seem to ramp up the young fan base to a frenzy. God help us if Twitter and fan channels were around in '83 when Howard's team was struggling.
what a happy clapper attitude

I'm 26, was two months old when we last won a trophy. I've seen Birmingham City, Swansea, bloody Wigan, win cups in that time. I've seen nothing but being told to stay in our box and think how good it was in the 80s whne players RAN RAN RAN.

I'm not there tonight, I was going to try for a ticket but thought why waste my money and time on watching this crap, and having a 4-hour round trip to boot on a freezing, wet December Monday.

But if I was there, I'd be fully behind this walkout.


Player Valuation: £1m
Been here less than 6 months and he’s forced a complete change of the footballing model, split the dressing room and signed the worst forward we’ve had for decades.

All whilst getting us into the relegation mix.
I don’t care what he does mate. I just want us to win, if we don’t then he can F Off

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