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Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020


Player Valuation: £70m
That leave less then 35 mil if we where to sell Pickford for 70 and buy someone for 30 once you account for wages and agent fees and signing on bonus for the keeper on a free.
Unless we use JV as number 1 and get a back up
We’ll be saving loads on wages though so that stuff takes care of itself.


Player Valuation: £10m
That leave less then 35 mil if we where to sell Pickford for 70 and buy someone for 30 once you account for wages and agent fees and signing on bonus for the keeper on a free.
Unless we use JV as number 1 and get a back up
Wait. We don't pay Pickford any wages now?


Player Valuation: £70m
True mate however sponserships etc are slowly increasing which will always keep us slightly ahead and once BMD is sorted thats additional revenue when we get the naming rights.

In short im not worrying too much as people have flapped the past 2 seasons saying we wont spend and we have done.

What we do need to do is start being ruthless- just because players like Walcott/Bernard play "ok" for us shouldn't mean they get a free pass when they are earning the sort of money that the quality of player of Richarlison should be earning.

If we could sell say Bernard for £15 million, get his £120k+ a week off the books and bring in a player for £20-25 million on say 80k a week who can contribute 7-8 more goals and assists a season long term we benefit both on and off the field.
My read of it at the moment is that the whole thing is in flux mate. Two things had me optimistic about about this window and our ability to spend, the 30mill naming rights investment from USM and we can capitilise 43 million of our costs on BMD - once planning permission is approved.

That puts a dent of 70-80 mill, on our running loss of about 125 mill over three years for FFP compliance, so maybe a kitty of 70 - 80 mill - if we really needed it. That was before covid though so we can expect almost all traditional revenue to be down, gate, TV, Sponsorship, commercial etc. So the kitty falls significantly in my opinion.

We need to drive the wage bill down its, 160 mill, because if our turnover of 188mill is effected by covid by more then 28 mill, we are paying more then we are earning yearly, thats a concern im sure.

You are right though, we could look at selling players to help, its as if on whether anyone wants to buy our "ok" players.

Thats my read of it anyway.


Player Valuation: £50m
Klopp had 4 years after inheriting a squad that had challenged for the title until he got success (If I out aside my conspiracy theories for a while on how he achieved it). But the point stands that it took a long time of slow building piece by piece. Brands inherited a truly terrible squad in 17/18 with only one decent asset (Gueye) and some unproven youngsters (Holgate and DCL) as they only bright spots at all. If we gave Ancelloti and Brands 4 seasons of continuous investment then I would guarantee we’d be miles ahead of where we are now. It’s a process and as long as the quality of the squad keeps increasing that’s all I care about and from my point of view the squad has improved hugely since Brands came in with us now having far better players on the pitch. We just need to keep going in the right direction.
He's been there for 4 full seasons, finishing in the top 4 every time, winning the CL and reaching 2 other European finals, and blowing transfer records left right and centre. Calling it a slow build is pushing it to the extreme.


Player Valuation: £40m
Not to be a wet blanket, but i'm not so sure they are "available" wages to be redistributed mate.

The club have been in urgent need to bring the wage bill down for a while.
I can't accept that mate. It would basically mean that we are back to Kenwright levels of austerity. Sell to Buy!

I believe that the issue has been a lack of value for money. That large sums have been going towards dross that serve no purpose.

I think we can certainly make use of the saved money by putting it towards much better players. I also believe that we have the ability to increase our wage bill beyond that.


Player Valuation: £70m
Chelsea wasted so much for kepa, pickfords performances here for the last couple of years hardly send calm that it wouldn't be another waste of money for them. Because they paid so much for kepa means i can't see them wanting to pay masses on pickford, but we should be demanding at least £15 more than what they paid for kepa.


Player Valuation: £25m

Still havent extended Sandro... Not good for us..
Behind the scenes footage of Everton trying to get Real Valladolid to take Sandro for the rest of the season.



Player Valuation: £70m
....Chelsea linked with Pickford, I wonder if Brands thinks he’s expendable.
I don't think CA will want to sell him but it would give a lot of freedom in the transfer market.
However, I think CA is in the business of trying to build a team by keeping his best players, not selling them.

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