Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

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Palace would have to have a replacement lined up for Zaha if they were to let him go. No way they just take Bolaise as his replacement.

It’d be like us selling Richarlison and signing someone like Albrighton to replace him.
They have, it’s Benrahma & they’ve got a fortnight to sort it.


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Saying Palace have changed their asking price a few times and we wont pay more than our valuation of £42.5+ addons. Deal could still be done but unlikely

Then goes on to say we have opened negotiations with Watford for Sarr. £25m plus a player as Watford concerned they wont have time to find a replacement.

The £25m isnt really believable as they want £40+. Who would be the £15m rated player we are offering.
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Yannick Bolasie
If not
Step forward the king of the fall over
Sandro Ramirez


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Can't see it Zaha happening at all, but the two replacements I've seen Palace linked with are both in the Championship (Benrahma&Sarr), so they would have time to replace with the extra 2 weeks.


Player Valuation: £70m
Anyone got a large pinch of salt?
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Keith first proved his credentials when he broke nay created the Kenwayne Jones transfer saga that ripped the Sunderland board to pieces and was one of the main factors in their untimely demise as a PL team

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