Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020

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Player Valuation: £70m
That was my memory of it, but according to the match report on bbc he came on at right back.

Regardless, the majority of his early appearances for us were at RM, im sure of that.
I remember that game and I think he came on at full back. I remember it in particular for a couple of reasons, when I was younger I played a lot of gaelic football and Seamus reminded me of a gaelic footbaaler than anything else... he just went through everything, the Spurs players just didn't know what to make of him.. Gaelic is a far more physical sport.
Also being Irish and at Everton I had a special interest in him.


Player Valuation: £10m
I think they would be nervous of playing Nkounkou at full back just yet.
CA said last night how good he was going forward but was still learning defensively.
We must remember the standard of opposition, there is no doubt that Nkounkou would be targeted if included in a premiership game at the moment and we don't know how he would deal with it.

This is not being critical of the player at all just an acceptance that he is still young and inexperienced and a good premiership forward like Zaha would be a totally different challenge to anything he has faced yet.

Yes fair point that mate. Niels has looked great but not really come under any pressure defensively in either of the cup games. Will find out a lot more about him once he does get thrown into a league game


Player Valuation: £70m
You’re on form today Bri :)
Slow day in work and nothing to see or hear on the transfer front
Some crazy shouts in here as per usual
I do not think money is an issue with us
its being allowed spend it by the authorities is the problem
The authorities are probably afraid if the relax the rules too much then City PSG will run amok and that would upset the scum across the park who will have no customers in their scumhole for the foreseeable future
UEFA and the PL are going to have to relax the spending rules because football all across the continent is in a dire state financially
listening to Chairmen of clubs from the lower leagues and quite a few are on the brink
Us throwing 100-120m on the market and that filtering down would save a few clubs across Europe and England
Imagine if we could spend 100m and pay up contracts or release players for free
We would be genuine top 4 contenders
Not open for further replies.

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