Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020


Player Valuation: £10m
Keane and Digne need rest soon. Gotta get a CB in. Maybe 2 depending on Holgate and Branthwaite's injury lengths.
They will be fine. After next week, arent all the cup games done until December? And its back to 1 game a week. And there's a 2 week gap between the Brighton game and Liverpool game.

In terms of gkp, I quite like dubravka at Newcastle. Yeah he conceded more than pickford last season (by 2), but he had Newcastle defence in front of him. He made a lot more saves, kept more clean sheets and his save success % was much higher. Currently injured but due back in October.


Player Valuation: £70m
Don’t understand why he didn’t play last night myself..
Well he didn’t start, something in the game made Carlo say to himself I need a few senior heads here.

Personally I think he’s building a squad, it’s not in and out group, he wants a purr out of 25 players, knowing all will be called upon.

Strikes me he wants to see competition and these games are the perfect opportunity, some who haven’t looked bothered seem to have the bit between there teeth.


Player Valuation: £70m
If this is all our business coming in (bar one or two loans) then Brands will have a clear agenda for next summer.

Right back
Centre back

Even just adding 3 top signings a summer + a youngster each window and we'll be looking very strong indeed

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