Everton Transfer Thread - Summer 2020


Player Valuation: £25m
What some helmet on the internet making out he knows about our clubs accounts better then the multi billionaire accountant that actually owns us?

He's a doom mongering gimp that tries to twist facts to suit his poisonous rhetoric and is made to look like a fool every year when we spend.

He said we wouldn't spend a penny last year and we spent 30m net?
Come on brother, no need to dig out a fellow blue.

It’s all peace and love at Hippy Everton FC.


Ivanovic will strengthen the squad massively.

Walcott's pace will help cover for him when he goes forward now as it may take him 4 or 5 minutes to get back!

Aside from that I don't think we need many other transfers other than a new goal keeper and possibly a central midfielder.

Maybe try to persuade Baines to come out of retirement so we can have both Baines and Bran flying down the wings.

Foot Long Hot Dog

Player Valuation: A packet of pork scratchings
To be honest he is never that far out, he was stupid with the whole Witsel thing but he does talk a lot of common sense no matter how unpopular it is, we only spent about £30m net last year
£30m net last year? Who did you arrive at that figure?

He’s often miles out btw.


Player Valuation: £25m
Maybe having no money will be a good thing and we’ll have to actually find the right profile like in the Moyes days instead of just chucking millions at proven mediocrity.
Yes brother that’s spirit, I want those Moyes days back ASAP. Loads of fight, but when push comes to shove we lack the quality to take us on.... I long for those days, they were glorious.


Player Valuation: £8m
Seems to be a lot of negativity on here. I personally think a decent sum will be spent. Perhaps not as much as we need, but a decent wedge nonetheless.

I honestly think that with Carlo at the helm they will roll the dice a bit more. As in: buy us a few players and then try and shift out more dead wood. Or (with the funds for this year being spread over 2 for FFP now), spend a reasonable amount and gamble on the sale of a massive asset (like Richarlison) the following season to balance the books if we don't make Europe - or even if we do.

It's not like we have owners who refuse to release the pursestrings; it is FFP that is the problem and I don't think they appoint Carlo (when they could have just reappointed bloody Moyes or something) and then do nothing to try an move us forward.

Just my opinion like, but I don't really see why other peoples' opinions (who also aren't privy to Everton's boardroom wranglings) has got everybody in a spiral.
Everyone assumes because Carlo agreed to join, it can only be because he was guaranteed massive amounts of money to spend. But if you listen to what he has said, and if you read what he said in his book in relation to wanting a project to oversee and build a club from the bottom up, then maybe this is what he was promised. That his input would listened to. That we will build a side over a longer period of time. That he will be given to time to see it through.

The media still can't believe we got him, so their initial thought is, he must've been given assurances about spend. And maybe he was. But the game is rigged and we can't just go out and spend hundreds of millions without breaking the rules. So while I don't think we are in any financial trouble like we have been many times before under previous regimes, we have to be realistic and sensible.

Over the next 3-4 years, we should see a gradual increase of income due to improved commercial/sponsorship deals and eventually, the increased revenue from the stadium. And we will also be able to finish off a number of expensive contracts that return very little. But none of this can be done over night. We are currently hampered by all of this, and it shouldn't be coming as a surprise to anyone, least of all Ancelotti and Brands.

Which brings us to transfers. If rumours are true, we have been linked with several older players that are either being released or are out of favour with their current teams, all of whom Carlo has worked with before. Ivanovic, Silva, Allan, even Rodriguez and Bale. Some are definitely more realistic than others. But all of them have a winning mentality that none of our current players have.

Maybe Carlo aims to first and foremost address this obvious attitude problem in the squad, and has identified 3 or 4 players who he thinks will help in that. All he has said so far is that the squad will improve and that players need to show more desire and energy.

I think, maybe, the true rebuild won't start until next year at the earliest. This year is all about the attitude shift, instilling a bit of steel and a winning mentality. I am not expecting any major marquee signings, unless we sell a big name or there is a deal that is too good to turn down.

I think him and Brands are playing the long game on this 1.


Player Valuation: £70m
Reckon City are mad enough to give us £60 Million for Digne?
60m, no. 40-50m? yes
Get him gone, as much as I love him needs must.

Richarlison too, let him go for £70-80 Million.


Selling Richarlison would be total insanity. He and Ancelotti are the draw for players to join the club.

Also £70-80mil is going to be 50% of his value in a season or two.

Regarding Digne, hes one of the best left backs in Europe. £40-60mil again is madness when average defenders are going for those fees.

Id be quoting similar to Maguire at £80mil+ and doing a deal at £70mil+ otherwise there really isnt much point.

For me, if its a choice of Digne OR Reguilon + Gabriel + Emerson then of course you go with the 3 players to complete the defence. However the incoming fee would need to cover all 3 transfer fees.

Ideally though we keep Digne + add Gabriel then add a right back to go next to Holgate and we have a really strong defence for 5 seasons.

Just looking at that Iwobi deal, hard to think of a worse deal ever it’s costing us a fortune.

Over 10 mill a season, with a 27 million book price. We may get used to him he’s going no where.
Book value now is £21.6mil. I reckon we could use him in a swap with someone, the obvious choice is Zaha at Palace with a little cash.

Either way its a very poor buy.


Player Valuation: £10m
We’ve tried every transfer strategy and are still terrible, so it’s tough for me to get excited about any signings.

We’ve tried signing promising young talent like Lookman and Vlasic. Players that looked to have high potential and had good stats in other top leagues like Sandro (about 10 blammos in one season for Malaga, couldn’t hit a barn door here). Old heads on the cheap like Rooney and Delph. Standout performers from lower table prem teams like Sigurddson, Bolasie, Keane and Pickford. Players from the non-top 3 European leagues like Tosun, Bernard and Klaassen. Paying big prices for players just not good enough to play regularly for the top top teams like Mina and Schneiderlin. Big prices for players not good enough to play regularly for mediocre teams... like Iwobi (wtf???). Loans like Sidibe that don’t turn into good long term signings. Academy products like Davies. Some of these players were their team captains or multiple trophy winners to bring a “winning mentality” (lol).

I’ll believe it when I see on the pitch.

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