Everton Transfer Thread 2016

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Player Valuation: £5m
All over Twitter about Witsel now, he would be bottom of my list out of the centre mids we've been linked with.


Player Valuation: £35m

Without anyone ever knowing it was happening.........


Player Valuation: £80m
Strootman will never hit those heights as before his injuries,Roma's medical staff destroyed his career bringing him back early from his first knee injury and then he ended up injuring it far worse.

Witsel would be fantastic,if he went to an awful league in Russia and playing in the most racist league in the world with him being a person of colour and getting racially abused every game even by home fans,then that proves he pretty much went their for the Zenit petro dollar money on offer,so lets give him a similer wage or higher and he will come.

Cool your not only a trained expert in ACL injuries with in depth knowledge of the Roma medical staff, but you are also aware of how each country ranks on the racism chart as well, plus obviously watch all Zenit's home games as you know he gets racist abuse every one - which by the way is an utter lie

Stick to what you actually know mate, which i guess would include alternative league tables and how to make massive banners

Julian Chinosi

I rate Witsel, unlike a lot of people here, he's great with the national team, and the signing is a great statement even if it does blow our budget, great player no matter what league he came from, mirallas came from greece? many others have come from [Poor language removed] leagues and done great!
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