Everton Summer transfers 2021


Player Valuation: £70m
Yeh when we won the U20 WC he was captain for Venezuela. Got the bronze ball if I remember correctly.


Yeah, just seems a good combative player. Can play a few roles, plenty of energy.

City may well want to keep him like, doubt they'd let him go on the cheap, but just thought it worth a shout.

Wait, I'm an oracle:


Simon Buttle

Player Valuation: £25m
He's still created more chances than any of our other players though. Some do treat it like we're suddenly amazing when he plays, but yeah we definitely aren't.

He does improve us massively though and that's the issue here - our reliance on him, and Digne (who isn't creative, he just puts decent crosses in) is scary.
I think that has to change especially considering one of those players is ultimately a defender and we are relying on him, we simply have to bring in another creative type player otherwise we will just end up being very one dimensional.

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