Everton Summer transfers 2021


Player Valuation: £500k
Well I mean nothing really happens til the last week of the window anyway does it, so it's not worth speculating either way.
Yea, if you’re Spurs.

This feels like Ancellotti all over again. Blindsided by the player moving away.

Who is the player version of Rafael Benitez? Raheem Sterling?


Player Valuation: £5m
Marcel Brands is a dead man walking if he sanctions Richarlison to PSG this late
Thing is - we all know this transfer will happen if mbappe leaves PSG - we’re the patsies in the transfer market - the richer clubs must love us - dump their failed signings on us and if we end up with a half decent player just make a bid whenever they fancy.

Spurs and Dortmund have shown backbone in turning down bids for their key players - I suspect we’ll just buckle

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