Everton Summer transfers 2021


Player Valuation: £15m
This. Brands has not done very well with transfers and building a squad, I should imagine Benitez wants to see for himself what every one is about, hence all the kids getting 45 mins in the Florida cup, he must want to run the rule over everyone. However, the world and his dog know that RB is a priority, if not Dumfries, then he will have someone in mind I am certain.
yeah totally agree,

the day the manager arrives he should say these are not good enough etc, you dont need to take a look.

but every manager seems to want to see for themselves, its just a constant loop of same thing.

Barnfred 55

Player Valuation: £70m
I get why Zat doesn't fancy him - you can see some limitations with him. he isn't particularly technical, we don't really know much about his defensive abilities (aside from playing as a wing back for Holland recently and spending most of his time attacking, PSV don't have to do *that* much defending in the Eredivisie either) and, in a fair point he makes, in none of Dumfries's highlight videos nor at Euro 2020 do you see him cross the ball in the air (which might not be a great thing given we have DCL and Richarlison in the box), it's actually pretty startling that you NEVER see it, it's always low driven balls or cut backs, which is fine, but it leads you to think that he maybe crosses like Coleman if he's forced to put some air on it? Dunno.

Anyway, the bit Zat underestimates for me is how much pace and athleticism can mean in a league like ours and the lad is a specimen. Fast, gets up and down, big, good in the air, strong, always wants to overlap.

Personally, while I accept all the points he's made, I'd still fancy taking a punt on him at the sort of money they've been talking about.
For PSV i watched him when Lozano was there and he looked like everyone that likes him has said...a physical beast, bombing up and down...winning mentality etc...wow!

Then you see his lack of ball control. You wonder why hes not putting a cross in, instead running towards defenders or playing it along the floor into the 1st man in the box...ball bouncing around like a pinball machine which doesnt happen in england.

Once you see this a few times its impossible not to notice...then you factor in that hes playing in Holland and the size of some of these 'technical' players hes playing against and it becomes clear that he is all about physicality.

I dont see Dumfries getting past Digne or Godfrey...someone like Aarons would have options to cut inside or cross from deep if he couldnt beat a left back....Dumfries cant cross and whats he going to do cutting inside?

For the Dutch league hes got an advantage...in England i dont see the physicality being such an advantage when he has clear weaknesses.

I have said before, £13mil im ok with it for a season or two if we plan to then sign a starter and he is a squad player. However, seeing that £13mil may be fairly valuable to us with FFP and my wanting us to sign a long term starter...i wouldnt do it.

Have you considered why he tends to put low crosses into the box?. Invariably it's because he is so far forward he is either up with or ahead of play, and a low cross or cut back is either the best or only option to play in the circumstances. In the past 4 seasons he has averaged 7 assists per season in all games, not to mention 5 goals per season. Now, I understand that the Dutch League is not the same quality as the premier, but regardless I think it's a bit picky to criticise his end product. An average of 12 direct involvements in goals per season over 4 seasons from full back is pretty damn good.

Plus the attributes you do concede he has, strength, pace and power, are exactly the attributes we are lacking in our squad.

Anyway, if the stories today are true it's all moot. The worrying thing for me is, given that right back is the blaringly obvious weak link in our current squad, if we can't afford to spend just £15m on that position then we are in dire straights. TBH, if we didn't make any other signings this window than Dumfries, and provided we didn't lose anybody either, I'd be reasonably happy going into the new season. A starting line up of Pickford, Dumfries, Mina, Godfrey, Digne, Gbamin, Allan, Doucoure, James, Richarlison and Calvert-Lewin, and a bench of Begovic, Coleman, Keane, Holgate, Nkounkou, Davies, Gomes, Iwobi, Townsend, Gordon, Gray and Kean would do me just fine.


Player Valuation: £70m
Matheus Pereira with 5 less goals than DCL and more assists than anyone else in our side last season. Probably available for a reasonable fee and has stated his desire to leave.

We've had great success signing standout players from relegated sides (Gana, Godfrey, Doucoure). I genuinely can't believe we're not all over him, you know the west ham and villa will be.
Would love him but he seems to prefer the Hammers. We should have gone in strong for him at the price quoted though...

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