Everton Summer transfers 2021

blue to the bone

Player Valuation: £70m
I know you're carrying on with this ITK business, and good luck to you, it's entertainment, a bit like WWF if you like...

But surely any claims of knowledge of the intimate details of other clubs behind the scenes just blows any scrap of anyone believing you?

Rumours of a bust up? Rumours of a 40m bid? Where are you hearing these rumours of other clubs business at? Last mention of a bust up was Dec 2020 on Google... Have you just done a search and used it for your 'story'?
I heard a rumour that this poster is a massive bulb.


Player Valuation: £70m
We offered 30 mil before, as did Man Utd and Bayern. They wanted more money. Since then they've decided to lower their price. 35 mil is being touted.

We were very concerned with FFP. The feeling is though we can gamble and bring in a few players, taking the risk of trying to get rid of high earners before the window shuts.
Looks like we have a conduit to the boardroom. lol

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