Everton Summer transfers 2021


Player Valuation: £8m
i hope to god we are not signing ASM. for that amount of money you want someone who has shown consistency and an indication he get score up to 10 goals in a season. He hasn't. I rather spend it on Zaha if he was 2-3 years younger than he is.

Chris O'Connor

Player Valuation: £35m
I really wonder if our finances are as bad as that. Carlo running might back that up. On the other hand I would be suprised if Rafael agreed to join us on a sell to buy ticket esp with what happened at the barcodes

Benitez's modus operandi on joining any club is to moan about the owners, not getting full control or the money he wants, he does it everywhere it's his automatic reaction when joining

He does it at every single club he goes to, Liverpool with their American owners (Hick and Gillett - spelling prob wrong), Newcastle rather predictably as if he didn't know who owned them and now us. No wonder Brands looks out on a limb, the fat Spanish waiter won't want him serving up any players at all.

I had a lot of Chelsea fans at work when I was based in London at the time of Benitez's 'temporary manager' tenure. They all hated him and couldn't hide it. They shouted José Mourinho at him at every match.

That year Chelsea failed to be anywhere near competitive in the league, their league performance was nothing short of abysmal. The fans got their wish when Mourinho replaced the unloved (hated) imposter and Chelsea all of a sudden walked the league the following year.


Player Valuation: £20m
40 or 50m is too much for ASM. I like him though and think he is better than the stats make out. You have to remember that at newcastle, unless you create the chance yourself, you are unlikely to score many.

I wouldn't want him as a replacement for Richie but would want ASM as the RW. He works hard defensively as well. But would have to be an absolute max of 35m and a big chunk of that would be add ons rather than upfront.

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