Everton Summer transfers 2021

Still thats less than £26m... If we had money any were considering £35m for Aarons id rather have Emerson. Either 1 gets rb sorted for the next 10 years.

'Considering' - that consideration didn't get very far when we were quoted that price. We haven't got cash to burn this summer, it was always going to be about getting players out the door first.


Player Valuation: £8m
Posts like this genuinely baffle me.

He's the director of football and needs to not only work closely with the new manager and advise him but also speak with playing staff regularly. We've wanted them to work in unison for some time haven't we?
on the other hand he could do that at Finch Farm and with the time difference it will hinder him in his work calling other clubs/agents.
one positive note: from monday no quarantine rules for people travelling from the EU to the UK so he can fly over to Holland and pick up Dumfries lol

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