Everton Summer transfers 2021

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Player Valuation: £70m
But what is the plan, the focus on youth/developing players? That is why Brands concerns me. Even if Iwobi etc. are the desire of managers at the time (and either way that’s a reflection on Brands), I can’t think of a period where we’ve had so little talent developed from within the club. You might say Kean is an example, and it’s not working out. I’d accept that. But where’s the success stories?
Mate if you followed the conversation back you'd see I'm not happy with Brands performance so far. You make very valid points which I agree with.

I'm just defending him here specifically regarding his inability to bring in decent fees for average players on high wages, that he never even purchased in the first place.


Player Valuation: £225k
It starts at the top too, and with anything like that for it to have any credibility it has to start with the top. Everton's CEO should have a target set around commercial growth (outside of TV). Maybe 30% YOY improvements. I'm not sure DBB has any of that and in all honesty it shows.

Unsworth should have a target of getting the previous season's young players X amount of games in the football league on loan, and X amount of minutes in the PL. Brands to bring in X amount in sales per years. You would have a big plan of what the club needs to support it's 1st team manager, and see that everyone has a part to play in this.

It drives success for the business too. As when the decision to play a pre-season tour comes up again, the head of sales is massively pushing for America not Wales. Brands in the above instance is taking a firmer stance with the manager on certain players. Unsworth is probably more assertive in saying "look loan this lad out or get him in the 1st team squad as I can't do any more with him". In your car sales analogy (which is an apt one) you see what happens to said car salesman if they find out the finance company they are using have an APR 2% above the rest of the showrooms on the trading estate. They will be banging on the managers door telling them to get a better deal sorted out.

It doesn't even have to be a punitive process either. It can be around financial rewards. What you're doing though is signalling what is important to the entire business which doesn't seem to happen currently.
A target of 30% yoy? Which clubs have ever managed that over more than a season or two without the team winning promotion or a trophy?

And the car salesman analogy isn't really apt. Football is a team game and it's a matter of opinion, not fact, whether an individual player is responsible for the success or failure of the team. No player with options would sign a contract that meant their reward was limited by the performances of their teammates or the team's failure to reach top 4. Under a system like this, we would probably not have given James his full wages this past season, but (a) would that be legal and (b) any player with options wouldn't consider signing for us in future. And anyway the effect on players' performance would likely be negative, prompting a focus on measurable stats like successful passes rather than effective ones.

A car salesman relies on having good cars to sell, and the marketing of the marque and finance package in offer will make a difference, but individual performance measures are far more applicable.

Having said all that, I agree that the principle of holding people to account and it does look like that hasn't happened enough at times at the club.


Player Valuation: £70m
Not a clue but how about Siggy, and any of our other deadwood. It is just that their cash would be handy.


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