Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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Player Valuation: £90m
We’ve never been rumoured to sign CG so you can’t just make up players like fantasy football

We had the chance to sign him a few years ago, my point is about the fans rather than the individual, nothing is ever good enough for people ending with today, Mason Holgate as captain

Yes we have...albeit next season.


Player Valuation: £6m
We need a clear out and would need to spend a fortune again to replace the bulk of the squad.
We have nothing to offer New players.
Who would want to come here with this squad, with an unproven manager, over a West Ham Southampton or Crystal Palace right now.
We have too many poor players on lucrative contracts that wouldn't leave.
Our better players wouldn't recoup near enough cash.
Our youth system isn't producing anything steady or sensational enough to be of worth.
Going down would obliterate us.
Staying up doesn't yield any hope either as reckon we are in for more of the same next year.
What a time to be a blue.
But we have had good times I suppose.

Today has sucked what little optimism I had left as a blue.

Even a shiny new stadium doesn't make supporting us any better right now.

A proper chore.

Sassy Colombian

Member: Team PoP
Is there REALLY nobody in Russia we can realistically attract even on a short term contract? @Sassy Colombian @UptheTofees, isn't there a Colombian there we were heavily linked with that plays DM? Barrios?
Sorry for the delay. I’m just seeing this post. I would like for us to pursue Barrios for the midfield. But he is the second most expensive foreigner in the Russian league and an undisputed starter and almost always regular in the role of midfielder and even as a central defender so he may not be a cheap option. These are the three top Colombian players in Russia at the moment. Wilmar Barrios in Zenit, Jhon Córdoba in Krasnodar and Jorge Carrascal in CSKA Moscow.



Player Valuation: £35m
If we stay up, the only ones I would want to keep are Pickford, Godfrey, Gordon, Gray, Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Dacouré, Branthwaite, Dobbin, maybe Myko.

The rest can do one. All of them

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