Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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Player Valuation: £8m
Is that not Neal Maupay?
Never signed him apparently. This has been GOT all day today when asked about him.



Player Valuation: £50m
Seems a tad unrealistic. Why don’t you criticise them for something really quite negligent like selling Richarlison and replacing his attacking output with McNeil?
Because I'm not sure McNeil was a direct replacement for Richarlison. Selling Richarlison (who didn't want to stay) has enabled us to strengthen both defence and midfield extremely well.
They filled the void of a lad who scored 10 goals with a lad who scored 8, OH THE HUMANITY. Seriously through Richarlison was obviously very good for us and we never gonna get a like for like replacement.

Maupay and McNeil will be far better pairing for us in the long term than effectively Rondon and Richarlison which is what has gone on with the forward options. Add onto this that Gordon will seemingly go up another level too, as well as Calvert Lewin being fit.

It wasn't just Richarlison's goals, he brought so much more to this team.


Player Valuation: £8m
Very solid window.

Complete reconstruction of our midfield.

Defense is undoubtedly more solid (we currently have Mina, Holgate and Godfrey injured, and you wouldn't even know).

Ideal scenario would have liked another forward, but a group of Dominic Calvert-Lewin, Maupay, Gordon, Gray and McNeil will get us through the next 10-12 games prior to Jan.

The outgoings have been spot on, good loan places for up and coming talent and a mass clear out of dross (Dele, Gomes, Gbamin, Delph, Kenny, Tosun, Siggurdsson).

And all of this done on a relatively tight budget. Not perfect, but really good.


Player Valuation: £25m
Have you considered he only plays two mids because he doesn’t rate most of them..
There is that. But he also brought in Vinagre as a left wing back and coady who specializes in a three. I think he will probably switch between both but think we brought in one midfielder too many when we needed one more flexible attacker.
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