Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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Player Valuation: £2.5m
I don’t see a weak point in that team at all, never mind one that’s poor enough to go down. Honestly when you see some of the crap teams in this league there’s no reason we can’t be going for 12th and above fairly comfortably.
What did you watch last season? And we’re 13% into this season with not a great showing in any of them games


Player Valuation: £8m
Basically built a new team this year other than Pickford/Gordon/Dominic Calvert-Lewin and all upgrades. Should be top half minimum or a cup run.
More importantly a new squad too. How many times last season did we have 2 keepers and some kids on the bench to make up the numbers, sometimes we couldn’t even do that much. The fact of the matter is now whatever first 11 we put out we can look to the bench and always see the following:

Experienced CBs
Good full back cover on both sides.
Different types of midfielders to come in and change a game, experienced or young talents.
Generally at least one of McNeil, Gordon or Gray.
A different type of striker.

Obviously all of these players are at a good level too and most if not all are Premier League ready quality. It’s insane to me that people can’t see the quality we’ve added all over the squad.

Lee Smith

Player Valuation: £35m
Cannot believe that they’re waiting until 10:57pm to announce Garner, just so they can say they signed SOMEONE late on in the window. This ‘kin club man 😂

Noisy noise annoys

Player Valuation: £40m
I didnt say we would go down last year. I said we would be in a relegation battle, which we were

I think we will be in another relegation battle.

I said we would not adequately replace Richarlison. And we have not.

I said we would be utterly toothless this season. Which we are.

FWIW I think we will scrape our way to safety in 16th or 17th again. But it will go to may again.
You’re being very selective with your memory there my dour friend


Player Valuation: £100m
Not mutually exclusive, them things, though
It is not bedwetting to say we have a squad who could easily be in a relegation battle

The real delusion is people adamant we will be totally fine and even predicting as high as 8th in some situations

Our recruitment has been all over the place again. Stock piling midfielders and ignoring goalscorers. Replacing Richarlison with Maupay and Mcneill. We will struggle because of these poor strategic decisions.
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