Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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I'd rather not rely on us signing players from Coventry City to stop us from getting relegated. Any striker we bring in simply has to have the goals in him to keep us up, because without a decent new striker we absolutely will not get the goals needed to get close to 40 points.
To be honest mate, none of the names mentioned guarantee us goals.

I mean you would be hard pressed to name a player that would guarantee us goals, they are all risks.


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Cov fan here.

Gyok had performances last season where he looked miles beyond Championship level. His goal return is not a reflection on how good a CF he is. Some strikers will score you goals but provide little else, that is the opposite of Gyokeres. Though he's improving at scoring, and suspect this season if he stays he's bagging 25 goals. You only have to look at some of the Championship success stories in recent years to know that if you're consistently quality at that level, you can convert it to the PL. Crucially his energy and athleticism is PL level, and probably good at that. If Lampard wants to press he can do it with Gyokeres.

Can he play right back too, as apparently we’re still in the market for one ?
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