Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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Guilty unitl proven innocent
Of which are all accounted for already in P and L for this year and next?

Plus the premier league have signed off on the purchases given the information we have provided them?

There is one of the Toffee TV guys, John Blain who is quite good on this stuff, might be worth listening to one of his Everton podcasts for your own peace of mind plus I am sure there are a number of forum accountants that can assist

I agree with you we are taking a chance with the spend but to compensate there will be another "BIG" out before the end of this financial year (Probably Pickford or Dominic Calvert-Lewin) as we limp towards Bramley Moor being open
I just think we as fans are going down a road we dont truly understand with regards spending.

We dont know the facts, we dont know for example how much we truly pay for players, sure the fees are reported and are generally good sources.

We dont know how much we pay them wages, we dont know how much we paid Agents, signing on fees, what the terms of the agreement are with regards payments, add ons, appearance fees and so on, again, sure we can "guess" use good sources, but we dont truly know.

So IMO, we should keep it simple.

For me keeping it simple is the old tried and tested Net spend.

Fees in, fees out.

When we talk of 5m upfront and spreading the cost over contracts, as others have done, it gets complicated, these are unknowns.

For me we received 60m for Richarlison, so far we have got Tarks in on a free, we paid 15-20m for McNeil, Vingare I would presume a nominal loan fee, then about 30-33m for Onana, probably a small fee for Gana, Coady also nominal loan fee. Leaves us about equal for me, so far.

As for wages, all being told, players out and players in, we probably have some wiggle room there also.

As for future sales, who knows, for this window I think there will be serveral outs, with regards money left to spend, well who knows, im quite stunned we have spent so much and yes, whilst we havent spent all the money upfront, that money will still have to be paid, so players bought in this window do impact players we can buy in other windows.

Saying that im quite pleased with the players we have signed, but would love a Striker.


Player Valuation: £30m
Surely Gueye and Coady start against Villa. Obviously has to be Rondon too, with Gray dropped.



Player Valuation: £30m
By the way, I really hope we go in for Hudson-Odoi of Chelsea. He's pushing for a loan move and is obviously miles, miles better than both Gordon and Gray. Could be an inspired signing.


Player Valuation: £225k
One interesting thing about the strikers they’ve been linked with is that you can divide them into 1) strikers who won’t dazzle anybody but can fill a void (Broja, Guirassy), 2) backups who could step in for Dominic Calvert-Lewin, win headers and do some similar things, albeit not at the same level (Ajorque, Kalajdžić), and 3) one who’s the closest to a Richarlison replacement, without the same defensive work rate and toughness (Depay).

I reckon it’s most likely to see one each of the first two categories (maybe Broja and Ajorque as first choice over Guirassy and Kalajdžić), while the third category (Depay) is just a shot in the dark.

Am I crazy?


Player Valuation: £15m
Or could be the coal in your stocking, i.e., Rondon.


Player Valuation: £6m
By the way, I really hope we go in for Hudson-Odoi of Chelsea. He's pushing for a loan move and is obviously miles, miles better than both Gordon and Gray. Could be an inspired signing.

Lampard said he wanted 'robust' players... Tarkowski and Coady have missed 9 games between them over the last four seasons for example. Gueye is never injured. Etc.

Hudson Odoi is the exact opposite- he's a young explosive player that at 22 has already had significant ongoing problems with his achilles tendon... So don't think there is any chance we are going to go after him, regardless of how good he is
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