Everton Summer Transfer Thread - 2022

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Player Valuation: £70m
Needs some goals from somewhere…doesn’t look good at all. Feels like the higher ups have rolled over and are resigned to relegation. Frank will walk around Christmas and that will be the end of it.

Signings need to happen ASAP. Just a blah feeling about the club right now
Agree, ...Dennis and Broja still haven't moved yet... Which makes me wonder


Player Valuation: £90m
Aarons has tried and failed at this level twice. If we're still interested it better be because Norwich are down to give him away.

Its hard to decipher the clubs intentions for right full, they offered JJK a new deal, is Coleman up to a 38 game + season at nearly 34 (October) and hes out of contract next summer, if they feel Patterson is raw or the loan thing is true, it might be a spot they are looking at, wouldnt be an area of the pitch I’d necessarily consider a priority.

As I say not a player, that has stood out for me given the hype attached.


Player Valuation: £950k
The Rag reporting the club want to bin Dele and Patterson going out on loan, with Max Aaron’s coming in with Dendoncker

Simms to be sold Huddersfield or Millwall.
Typical Everton. Loan a rb out that we feel isn't yet good enough for the Prem, then pay actual money for a rb that everyone knows isn't good enough for the Prem. Then play Coleman every game anyway.


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Can’t be a person on this planet that has any confidence in the jokers running the club to have a decent transfer window.

It’s actually embarrassing how badly the club is run, from marketing to recruitment of playing staff.

Such an amateur set up, which is why we are now an established bottom half premier league club.


Player Valuation: £40m
Hang on…

Are you happy or unhappy that we don’t want to spend £20m on Winks?
I'm 99% sure you know what I'm unhappy about. You can try and turn it on me by saying I'm not happy about this that and the other but, just for clarity, I don't want us to pay big fees for anyone unless they are as close to guaranteed quality (I know there are no absolute guarantees as this seems to be your catchphrase now, but there are safer and riskier bets) and Winks is certainly not that. I don't really want us paying big fees at all, we've proven we're bad at doing that so many times it's become a meme. My fear is that we will spend moderate fees, because that's all we have the budget for, on poor players from the PL who are as close to guaranteed failures (see my previous comment on guarantees) rather than speculate on CHEAP prospects who might be better (these are the riskier bets I'm all for). Cornet and Winks are poor players, the fact that they are some of the most consistently linked players to us worries me. The only other club linked to Cornet is Forest and nobody is linked with Winks except us. It speaks volumes. So, no, I don't want us to sign Winks for £20m or for two kit kats. The fact we can't afford to sign anyone, seemingly for any fee, should worry everyone and it certainly worries me.


Player Valuation: £90m
Removed Norwich from his bio on Fri according to Norwich lads:



Player Valuation: £60m
Don't shoot the messenger but...... Vera at The Banjo is making '' Cataplana '' or posh scouse as she calls it. For some bloke called Chris.
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