Confirmed Signing Everton Sign Sandro Ramirez

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Everton Sign Sandro Ramirez

Everton have completed the £5.25m signing of Sandro Ramirez on a four-year-deal - a transfer which takes Everton's spending past £60m after becoming Everton's fourth senior signing of the summer following Jordan Pickford, Davy Klaassen and Henry Onyekuru.

The Spanish striker, 21, scored 16 goals in 31 appearances in La Liga in his debut season for Málaga CF.

After initially being tipped to join Atletico Madrid, their transfer ban being upheld moved Everton into pole position to land the former Barcelona striker and moved to activate his bargain release clause of just £5.25m to secure his signing.

Player Profile: Via Tom Ferguson

Former Barcelona prodigy Sandro Ramirez was handed a new lease of life when he left the Nou Camp last summer.

Free from a bit part role, Sandro thrived on life at Malaga.

At 21, there’s a clear fit between Sandro and the team Ronald Koeman is building for the long term.

The Spaniard hit 16 goals in 31 appearances last campaign which brought the under 21 national team star under the spotlight.

He is 5ft9 and able to play in a number of positions across the front line, he’s the ideal utility man the Blues have been crying out for.

He is a distance shooter and a set piece specialist, proved by the fact only some fella who goes by the name of Lionel Messi bettered Ramirez’s five strikes from outside the penalty area in La Liga.

Despite playing a bit part at Barca, Sandro has enjoyed two league titles and domestic cup wins as well UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and the 2015 Club Word Cup triumphs.

So it’s clear to see a winning mentality has been drilled into him from a young age.

A winning mentality that Everton have been missing for longer than Sandro has been alive.

Scoring more La Liga goals than any other player aged 21 or under provides evidence of class.

The fees flying about in today’s market are exorbitant but the rumoured £5.1 million for Sandro is no risk, and certainly a no brainer investment.

His best years are still ahead of him. And if it all goes pear shaped, it’s almost impossible to make a loss on such a fee.

But with age on his side and the qualities possessed added with a bit of loyalty, there’s potential for Sandro to be a mainstay in Everton’s attacks for years to come.

Up the Toffees.


Player Valuation: £70m
Seems like Bill still has a part to play, even if not involved in negotiations.


"The biggest attraction is the confidence already shown in me by people at the club,” he added. “I’m really excited at having the chance to work with the manager, Ronald Koeman. He has shown a lot of faith in me and was very influential in my decision to come here, as were other people at the club – especially the Chairman, Bill Kenwright, and Steve Walsh.

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